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Acer Laptop Bag For Sale

Acer Laptop Padded Bag to help protect your laptop. Black. NO carrying strap. Bag plastic is unopened and never used. For Sale $ 14.99 with FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA ONLY. Any questions please contact me. Serious inquires only please. PayPal is excepted.

Native American Collecters Plate For Sale

Bradford Exchange Plate #1094E Limited Edition of "Before The Hunt" by Kirk Randle. First issue in "The Sacred Circle Collection. 1993 Bradford Exchange. For Sale $19.99 plus FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA ONLY. Please message me for any questions. Serious inquiries only please.


So You Are Leaving LiveJournal

Again...I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING 2 FUCKS 1 WAY OR ANOTHER. Honestly I am sick and tired of...whatever they label themselves...starting unnecessary petty arguments because they need a Safe FUCKIN PLACE TO BULLY. Here is an idea...your no more special than anyone else is from any Country, nationality, Ethics, Etc...

Also from this conversation on Facebook LiveJournal Lives I was trying really hard not to bitch her out about advertising her relationship at her job. Your job as a TEACHER IS TO TEACH NOT PUSH THE LBT CRAP ON YOUR STUDENTS! No matter what you want to label yourself as, keep the kids out of it. That has nothing to do with math, science, gym, music, etc.

Sandy- Yup. Just stay on LJ
Like · Reply · 2 · Yesterday at 9:06am

Lori- I'm not leaving, I'm backing up just in case.
Unlike · Reply · 3 · Yesterday at 9:06am

Erin S- Do you understand why many of us aren't interested in doing that?
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Erin S- I'm asking because your comment feels very dismissive of the real concerns that people have with supporting the LJ platform in the current environment. As an LGBTQ person, as a politically active person, I risk losing thirteen years of my journalling life if someone in Russia decides that my life violates their terms of service.
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Sandy- Erin S yes I do but all of us, even if we aren't lgbtq, get shit. No use in running from it. It's everyone's choice to do so. No one is keeping anyone on any site.
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Erin S- Sandy Today is the International Day of Pink. I am out to my students (grade one) and had one of them tell me that my relationship was yucky, my employer tell me that today is about general bullying not specific to any group (mostly by omitting official mention of LGBTQ stuff in relation to the Day of Pink) and I've spent the day screwing up my courage every time a student read my shirt. I am in no mood to argue with a presumably-straight person about how much shit anyone is prepared to take and how a comment like yours feels dismissive and unreasonable.
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Sandy- Erin S exactly. Who's arguing with who? I can care less if your whatever. Get over it. Your still human, you can't erase that. Good luck.
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Erin S- So your answer is that no, you don't actually get it.
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Sandy- Erin S I'm saying I'm not arguing with you. Did you forget how to understand what a person writes?
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Erin S- Sandy More like I read the parts you weren't aware you were saying. But whatever.

Last but not least...If you want to have a bad day go though major surgery. I have limited computer time before major pain sets in and I have to waste it on this crap. Just because you are having a bad day doesn't mean you have to go make others a bad day because you cant handle your life.

LJ Poop

Im reading all this LJ crap on here and on fb.  Is it just me or are some people starting to sound like they need a "Safe Place" to go? I remember when i first came on here...I THINK APRIL 2013...guess who had lj....Russia.  not long after the USA bought it...so really who gives a flying poop is Russia has the servers back?  I mean seriously...THIS IS THE INTERNET. ..get a life...Anything you post is not private even if you change your settings on any account.  Guess what? If you want total privacy GET A PAPPER JOURNAL! Im putting a positive spin on this...if the chickens leave that may mean LJ will be even better! I can stay on here more.  Get to know  and make more friends!

Have a great day!

I Is Going In

Surgery...soon...Im just waiting on the final details.  They are removing the huge mass which is about to take my kidney out.

Today i need to get this apartment in order.  Prep dinners for tonight and tomorrow.   Get breakfast for Saturday morning out of the freezer.  I hope i am not laid up for to long.  Im looking forward to having my stomach back. That way too when Matthew proposes i can wear a dress without trying to hide that dam bump.

Im still trying to get rid of this sinus infection.  The antibiotics will last until about surgery time.  Tonight im just telling the boys sometime I'll be having surgery.   No details.  I dont need to think about the boys telling mimi, thier guardian,  so the bitch can use it as another excuse to keep children that arent heres and she complains about.

How's your day going?

Laundry Multiplication

Laundry day today. Oh yay! Let's see how many loads i get to wash today.

Saturday was Family Disney Infinity Night.  I love being Repunzel so i can use my cast iron pan.  I kicked booty.  Liam unleashed The Hulk and Davey released these bad star wars dudes.  All 4 of us played in teams all night.

On Sunday we played the board game Star Wars Monopoly.   Matthew lost first then Davey went out.  I admit i was using monopoly to also help Liam learn about money.  Since liam listened to me he ended up with cash, 1 coin, and property.   I had 3 coins, cash,  and property.   I refused to count so i made it We Both Tied.  For a 6 year old he kicked butt.

Over the weekend we got stuff to make my projects so i need to get those started.  I also need to get on lappy more.  Im having a hard time finding out how to fo HTML.  I also am having trouble with finding a book on how to build up lappy.  I swear the net gets more hard to find anything as the years go bye.

My allergies are a bit better.  My poor nose is starting to burn from being raw.  I started flushing my sinuses.  I changed the solution to 1/4 teaspoon baking soda and a half cap hydrogen peroxide.  If you try this be sure NOT to swallow peroxide, it'll make you vomit.  The soltion though feels so nice.  The last 2 times i put sea salt in it and it kept clogging ip my ears.  Lesson learned NO SALT.

Hows your day going?

Like OMG

God Bless Me Im Writing This On Lappy! Holy crap it took me about half an hour to recall how to use the mouse. After I get everything cleaned up on here I am going to figure out how to do a friends cut and then add more friends. I love LJ. I need to play on download.com and find a new virus scan. This one came with mccaffee and some program that memorizes your passwords. It doesnt seem very secure and its annoying everytime do you want us to remember your password for you.

Hows your day going?

OMG Im typing! It feels so freeing so wonderful!

Question Help Please

I have a project to do for the Court.  I seriously need Help with the question "what do kids really think and feel deep down when their biological parents are split up?"  I am not talking about answers like they love the extra gifts or happy.   I need some indepth answers to the question.  How do kids really feel after all the gifts, being carted to different homes, being faught over, not seeing 1 or both parents, ect? I appreciate the responses.

Sewing Machine Help

Im using a strange to me Singer Prelude.  Im messing with the dials but I can not figure out why the back of my fabric is turning out like this? Complete mess.  Help please!

Thank you :)

Doggys for Adoption

Hi! This is Max and Iris coming to you from our garage.  Our mom rescued us from texas, from a bad situation.  Mom has been trying to find someone to Foster or Adopt us.   Weve never heard no so much! We need to be rehomed as soon as possible!  We can NOT be seperated as we are bonded together.   There is an easy contract and a $100 fee, that is for both of us.  

Here is a bit about us......

Max: Age 10
Breed: Beagle
I love Family, Kids, Love, Playing, Tracking, more, and mom trained me to help to get up stairs.

Iris: Age 7
Breed: Beagle Blue Healer
I love Family, Kids,  Love,  Playing,  helping to cross the street, helping Max cross the street too.



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